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CityMaaS will be working with Disability Rights UK (DRUK)

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

CityMaaS w

Disability Rights UK Logo

ill be working with Disability Rights UK (DRUK) to promote friction-less travel for disabled people and mutual advisory services.

This partnership will lead to the setting up of round-table discussions, rolling out of testing plans, research and promotional activities.

Rene Perkins, CEO of CityMaaS, will be providing commercial advisory services to DRUK while DRUK CEO Kamran Mallick will be joining CityMaaS Assist as an advisor. Rene said “This partnership has huge strategic importance for realising the CityMaaS Assist vision.

It is a mark of the importance and relevance of our business plan that we welcome Kamran and Disability Rights UK on board.”

Details of all our partnerships can be found here

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