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We believe in equality,
We believe in an inclusive world,
and we will not stop
until we achieve both. 

Rene Perkins

Being a female Asian entrepreneur I am very aware of what it feels like to experience inequality in this world. But with my experiences fueling me forward I set out with my co-founder and team to right a wrong for one community.


One in five people in the world are registered to have a disability yet we see a world where this community, who desperately wants to be included, is being sidelined. That was something we couldn't sit back and watch anymore.

As we work hard to build a more inclusive world through cutting-edge technology we need your support in helping us get the message out to as many people as possible. You can our mission in many ways either following our social media channels, sharing the website and products we create, or there are other ways you can invest, sponsor, or partner CityMaas.

Together we can make this world an inclusive one for everyone.

Shafia Shahid

"I'm so proud of the work we are doing in CityMaaS. Coming into work feels like we are changing history, it's empowering!"

We all feel passionate about making our world an inclusive place for everyone. We have watched movements for Female equality, black lives matters and more, yet people with a disability have ben left behind.


1 in 5 people in the world has a disability. So why do we hear so many frustrations from the disabled community? because when it comes to simple tasks like getting around a city, buying or renting a house, going to the shops everything becomes a challenge. And we feel that with the right information presented well can change the lives of people who are in a wheelchair, have a guide dog, or generally need just a little information such as is there a lift? Does the taxi understand I have a guide dog with me? How many stairs will a pregnant woman have to walk up? They are small pieces of information that make a huge difference to a lot of people in the world.

Through cutting-edge technology we have created a series of products that you can see below.

Not every disability is visible.  


Artboard 39@4x.png
Computer displaying Assist Me by CityMaaS Web accessibility tool making a website easier to navigate

Increase the accessibility of your website with one line of code.

Assist Me allows preset personalised assistance levels to ensure everyone can access your website.

Our web checker will also help to identify the issues that no automated service can automatically fix.

Try our 7 day free trial to start!

Vikas Nair

"How can you not be inspired to work harder every day when you are changing the world for the better?"


What the Code for Mobility means to a person with a disability.

Alan Firmin

I do not ask for favours,

And help I'll not request,

I just want my endeavours,

To be able to invest.

I may have needs of difference,

I may need more info,

Just give me a point of reference,

& I'll go with the flow.

It's a simple code of conduct,

A human right we say,

But we have too long been tucked,

Away from society.

I am a customer so willing,

And my friends make quite a sum,

You're missing out on billing,

But don't be down and glum.

There is a way to open doors,

Increase customers for your bottom line,

Help people like me simply shop at yours,

And open the keys to a new goldmine.

Some say we are disabled,

Some ignore our plight,

But if we are enabled,

Watch your profits soon take flight.

If equality we do move towards,

It's a win-win situation you'll see,

You'll reap so many rich rewards,

By following, The Code for Mobility.

- Alan Firmin

Everything from our mission to our hiring policy is focused on building a diverse, equal, and inclusive world.


If you'd like to work with CityMaaS be a partner or simply follow our social media channels, please do so, every ounce of support helps us get the word out to the world, and together we will start to make the changes we should have made many years ago.


Thank you for visiting CityMaaS, that alone means a great deal to every person on the team. If you would like to discuss getting involved please do so by clicking on Support, Partner, or Invest. Thank you.


Andy Perkins
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