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CityMaaS brings together over 30 years of startup and technology experience into a single focused business. CityMaaS is leading through a mission to bring social impact for the disabled community and deliver profits for all businesses around the world. 

Co-Founded by Rene and Andy Perkins they have built a team of experts around a core vision that fuels innovation and change in a market segment that has been sidelined. As a disability confident employer, CityMaaS not only champions an inclusive world, it epitomises a vision of equality.

CityMaaS' vision is to personalise the way the disabled community consumes accessibility data and services.


Businesses benefit from improved engagement through increased revenues and decreased customer service costs. We provide a digitally inclusive data and mobility platform to help achieve that vision.


Our cutting edge technology is backed by public sector UK Department for Transport and EU funding, and private sector Microsoft.


CityMaaS has been named one of the top EU startups. We strive to solve the most pressing problems in society through innovation and dedication.

Join us on our journey to make this a better world for everyone.

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