A global platform that is built for the communities. It enables the business community on our platform to be inclusive and easily searchable by the disabled community and their friends.



Increase the accessibility of your website with one line of code.

Assist Me allows preset personalised assistance levels to ensure everyone can access your website.

Our web checker will also help to identify the issues that no automated service can automatically fix.

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Born from the EU Horizon 2020 project, our inclusive mobility platform in the form of IOS and Android app can help users to achieve efficient travel and mobility operations to optimise and run user-centric operations.


Among many features, users can discover the real-time location of vehicles, plan journeys, online ticketing & payment.


Our pride and joy in providing personalised digital experience for each of us using cutting edge machine learning techniques.


It revolutionises the theory of UX and UI design. We have already helped a bus operator in Portugal to be user-centric & inclusive with CODIE technology.


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