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CityMaaS CEO Rene Perkins named in Techround’s BAME 50 under 50!

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Techround BAME 50 Under 50 Finalists

We are delighted to announce that Rene Perkins of CityMaaS has been named as a finalist in TechRound’s BAME 50 Under 50, which ranks the top 50 BAME-driven and founded businesses and startups in the UK, praised for their innovation and contribution to the UK’s fast-growing startup scene, whilst smashing social barriers along the way. The announcement follows over 500 applications and a week of judging from an expert panel including Linda Plant; successful entrepreneur and renowned interviewer on BBC’s The Apprentice, as well as Rajeeb Dey, co-Founder of Learnebly and Startup Britain, Kike Oniwinde, Former Team GB athlete and CEO of BYP Network and Bindi Karia, the UK’s ‘Queen of Startups.’ TechRound is the UK’s leading voice for startup news and opinions and the BAME50 Under 50 highlights the diversity and success in the UK startup and business sectors, with people from all walks of life and from all nature of backgrounds demonstrating their ingenuity and creativity. TechRound remains the best place in the UK to showcase the talent and progress in the startup and tech industry.

The judges commended the innovation and hard work of all the entries and the entrepreneurs. One judge reportedly said that she was ‘bloody impressed’ with the quality of candidates and their ideas, which is a huge credit to the BAME community living in the UK, who continue to work hard and thrive despite various social and economic challenges.

TechRound co-Founder David Soffer commented: “The UK is one of the best places in the world to start and grow a startup. TechRound’s BAME50 Under 50 goes to show that people of all backgrounds have thrived in the UK. The BAME50 Under 50 also goes to show that there are some wonderful businesses and ventures, started, run and sustained by the UK’s fabulous BAME communities, something we hope will continue.”

“Part of what makes the UK such a huge global player when it comes to startups, tech and innovation is that there is such depth of diversity, with people bringing their different experiences and backgrounds into startups and business, which are both all about being creative.” TechRound co-Founder Daniel Tannenbaum said: “ The BAME50 Under 50 is set to be a game changer and will promote those individuals who have fought harder than most to succeed and their stories will outline their journeys. As we are well aware, BAME entrepreneurs have historically been underfunded and underrepresented and this list’s purpose is to help change the status quo.” “We want to celebrate people from all backgrounds and businesses of all sizes and this list will be a testament to those individuals who are diversifying the UK’s startup landscape.”

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