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Breaking Barriers: How CityMaaS is Revolutionizing Accessibility in Technology

In today's digital age, accessibility is not just a buzzword; it's a fundamental aspect of inclusivity and equal opportunity. Unfortunately, many technological advancements overlook the needs of people with disabilities, inadvertently creating barriers to access. Enter CityMaaS, a trailblazing company dedicated to breaking down these barriers and creating a more inclusive world through innovative solutions.

At the heart of CityMaaS's mission lies a commitment to empowering communities and ensuring equal access to opportunities and resources. Their recent endeavours have garnered praise from various sectors, highlighting the profound impact their work is having on society.

Founder, Data Study Site: "The addition of the Assist Me tool to my website made it disabled-friendly. Its amazing features help the users utilize most of the resource without compromising the performance (e.g., page speed) after adding the plugin to my website."

Founder, Health Campaign Website: "CityMaaS has opened my eyes to inclusivity for people with disabilities alike within the world of technology. CityMaaS is providing equal access to opportunities and resources through their amazing creative products for the disabled communities."

Oxford County Council: "Rene, CEO of CityMaaS, was enthusiastic and value-adding in providing domain expertise on online accessibility and mobility accessibility issues of the project. We are very impressed with CityMaaS's endless focus on accessibility that matters for millions; we would highly recommend them to anyone for accessibility projects."

Allianz: "The CityMaaS team is smart, professional, passionate, and a pleasure to deal with. They are continuously and tirelessly working towards an accessible world online and offline. We believe our ongoing collaboration is a fruitful one. We have confidence in recommending them to anyone."

Corcome HR consulting: "Great to partner with CityMaaS and use their technology like Assist Me to achieve our DE&I objectives."

Social Tech Trust: "One of our Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) priorities is reducing barriers for Disabled people to our opportunities. We are grateful for CityMaaS's guidance on this matter. The Assist Me web extension has been a perfect solution that allowed us to increase the accessibility of our website instantly. Thanks to it, any web visitor can customize their experience and learn about our opportunities just like everyone else. They are a brilliant organization that models equitable practices and is truly committed to its mission."

The testimonials speak volumes about CityMaaS's dedication and impact. From empowering individuals with disabilities to aiding organizations in their diversity and inclusion efforts, CityMaaS is leading the charge towards a more accessible future. As technology continues to evolve, it's reassuring to know that there are companies like CityMaaS driving positive change and ensuring that no one is left behind.


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