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CityMaaS efforts during COVID-19 pandemic

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

CityMaaS team operating remotely during Covid-19

The start of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the enforced lockdown proved to be a challenging and emotional time for all of us. Nevertheless, we remained dedicated and have been working hard towards our goals.

To demonstrate our team’s commitment and the desire to put technology to good use, we have joined the Hack from Home hackathon. Our project – the CityMaaS Resource & Information for Staying Put (CRiSP) – received a positive reaction and was ranked top 2 in its category.

CityMaaS’s mission is to enable businesses to increase sales and save costs by being inclusive of people with disabilities. In the situation we are currently faced with, this mission is more important than ever. We are, therefore, pleased to announce a couple of exciting updates from the past few weeks:

  • Department of Transport funded our project to deliver accessible travel. It is a superb opportunity for us to develop our technologies. It will enable us to deliver a digitally inclusive platform using AI & crowd-sourced data to enable efficient travel for people with limited mobility in smart cities.

  • We are also excited to welcome the prospect of opening to new markets – Portugal and other European countries. CityMaaS will be tackling transport poverty in those regions through Horizon 2020 funded HiReach Project. It will allow us to develop new tools and business models to improve accessibility and inclusion in transport for areas and communities in need.

We are enthusiastic to continue working on these and many other projects. Our team, which effortlessly combines hard work with inventive leisure activities (as displayed on the pictures above) is looking into the future with hope, positive energy and optimistic thoughts.

We will also be launching our web app soon – sign up to the newsletter to stay in the loop!

Thank You

The CityMaaS Team

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