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The Perfume Shop partnering with CityMaaS

CityMaaS is proud to have expanded it's partnerships within retail to now include The Perfume Shop, as detailed by The Retail Bulletin "The Perfume Shop transforms digital experience with new accessibility features👏

Now, customers with visual, hearing, physical, and cognitive needs can make multiple content, style, and navigation adjustments during their journey on The Perfume Shop website as they have partnered with CityMaaS.👂✨

Over 1 billion people are known to have an impairment that affects their ability to use the internet, yet over 70% of digital content is not accessible."

"Earlier this month, the new accessibility tool was reported as a huge success for The Perfume Shop, generating an impressive £600,000 in revenue from icon clicks, with most users coming from paid search and organic channels.

It was also reported that the new website function was a huge success, with customers clicking through to the product detail pages and product listing pages where users can make visual adjustments.

The most popular features thus far have been changing fonts and emphasising links. These fantastic results highlight the positive impact on user experience and overall revenue growth."

CityMaaS’ Assist Me tool offers a powerful solution for online retailers looking to improve their website’s accessibility. By implementing this tool, retailers can enhance user experience, expand their customer base, and ensure compliance with accessibility laws. In the competitive world of online retail, tools like Assist Me can provide a crucial edge. Start your free 14-day trial today!

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