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Accessibility in Airline Travel: Online Booking Challenges

Air travel has transformed the way we connect with the world, bringing distant destinations within hours of reach. But for many, specifically those with disabilities or special requirements, the journey begins well before stepping onto the aircraft. The accessibility challenges often start with the very first step – booking a ticket online.

Online Barriers to Inclusive Travel

In an era dominated by technology, it's easy to assume that booking a flight is a straightforward process. However, for individuals with visual, hearing, or cognitive impairments, online platforms can present a myriad of hurdles. Some of the most common issues include:

  1. Non-compliant websites: Many airline websites are not designed in accordance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). As a result, they might not be compatible with assistive technologies like screen readers, leading to a frustrating and exclusionary experience.

  2. Inadequate information: Airlines might not provide sufficient information about services and accommodations available for travellers with disabilities. This lack of transparency can make it challenging to ascertain whether a particular flight or airline will meet specific needs.

  3. Complex booking processes: Overly complicated booking systems can deter users, especially those with cognitive challenges, from completing their reservations. Essential information may be buried within pages, or the process may involve too many steps.

  4. Lack of alternative communication: For those who can't effectively use online platforms, having alternative booking methods like chat support or a direct phone line is crucial. Regrettably, not all airlines provide such options prominently, leaving potential passengers in the lurch.

The Ripple Effects

These challenges aren't just about missed flights or vacation plans gone awry. They touch upon a deeper issue – the right to accessibility and equal opportunities. When people with disabilities can't easily book flights, they might miss out on:

  • Critical business opportunities, potentially affecting their careers.

  • Vital medical treatments available in different locations.

  • Cherished moments with family and friends.

In essence, the difficulties in the online booking process can limit their world and the richness of experiences available to them.

Toward a More Inclusive Future

The airline industry, like many others, has a pivotal role to play in building an inclusive society. Here's how they can start:

  1. Adherence to WCAG standards: Ensuring that websites and apps comply with global accessibility guidelines is the first and most crucial step. CityMaaS AWARE can help you gauge your WCAG compliance through a free automated report!

  2. User testing: Engage with users with disabilities to test platforms. Their feedback can provide invaluable insights into making online booking processes smoother and more user-friendly. CityMaaS can help you have a range of website and app auditors with a range of accessibility needs.

  3. Offering multiple booking channels: Whether it's a phone line, chat support, or an email system, having multiple touchpoints ensures that everyone, irrespective of their abilities, can access services.

  4. Education and awareness: Train staff to be aware of the unique needs of travellers with disabilities. An informed team can offer better support and solutions. CityMaaS can help provide this training.

In conclusion, while airline travel has become more sophisticated and connected than ever, there remains a significant gap in accessibility when it comes to online booking. Addressing this is not just about inclusivity; it's about recognizing the fundamental rights of all individuals to explore the world on their terms. As the digital age continues to evolve, it's imperative for the airline industry to prioritize accessibility and ensure that everyone, regardless of their abilities, has the freedom to fly.

CityMaaS Assist Me can help make your website more accessible by enabling pre-set personalised assistance levels to ensure everyone can access your website. Start your 14 day free trial today!


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